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The Semantic Barriers In Peoples Communication English Language Essay

The Semantic Barriers In Peoples Communication English Language Essay Presentation: The word semantics has its beginning in Greek and is taken from the word semantikos, which means giving indications or suggestive. The initial segment sema of the word semantikos implies sign. Semantics is the investigation of implying that is passed on in a language. Semantics alludes to explicit implications of a word, particularly in scholastic circles. Semantic boundaries, along these lines, are the mistaken assumptions that happen by individuals attempting to impart a thought, yet all the while having totally various implications at the top of the priority list for the words. Semantic obstructions originate from contrasts in language, instruction, and culture. Clearly if the sender is talking in English and the collector doesnt get English, theres an issue. Be that as it may, regardless of whether the sender and beneficiary communicate in English, they may not talk a similar tongue. The words they use may not mean something very similar. In the event that we request a soft drink in Washington, DC, for instance, well get a soda pop. In the event that we request a soft drink in Detroit, well get a beverage made of pop water and seasoned syrup with frozen yogurt skimming in it. In the event that one is from the United States and he is addressing a Scot from Glasgow, the American may make some hard memories just understanding his articulation. Also, his inflection might be vast to the individual from Scot. The beneficiary may utilize confounded words or expressions that the sender doesnt see, for example, to ratiocinate rather than to reason, or I am very energetic about your endeavors for my sake rather than Thank you. Or then again the sender and the recipient may have social contrasts that make it hard for them to see each other regardless of whether they communicate in a similar language: A Christian, a Jew, and a Muslim all love one God, however they consider God in various ways. In certain societies, the utilization of titles before names is critical as an indication of regard, while welcoming somebody weve just met utilizing their first name (the same number of Americans do) would be considered very inconsiderate. The vast majority of us underestimate that every one of our messages are very much passed on. Yet, practically speaking, all messages are not effectively directed or gotten. Different impediments, barricades, challenges, stoppages or tightening influences, known as boundaries to correspondence, distort the message and make correspondence incapable. These correspondence boundaries create turmoil and struggle between people living in a similar society, chipping away at a similar activity and even people living in various pieces of the world who even don't have any acquaintance with each other. An enormous number of administrative issues are the consequence of inefficient or inadequate correspondence. Generous organic products can be picked up if correspondence obstructions are hosed or limited. A correspondence is a two-way process, separation between the sender and the collector of the message is a significant obstruction to correspondence. Clamor and natural factors additionally square correspondence. Individual variables like contrast in judgment, social qualities, feeling of inadequacy, inclination disposition, time pressure, correspondence powerlessness, and so on widen the mental separation between the sender and the collector. Semantic is the study of significance. Similar words and images have various implications to various individuals. Challenges in correspondence happen when the sender and the collector of the message utilize words or images in various faculties. The significance planned by the sender might be disparate from the importance followed by the beneficiary. Individuals comprehend the message as far as their own conduct and experience. SEMANTIC BARRIERS IN COMMUNICATION ARISE DUE TO THE FOLLOWING REASONS: Social DIVERSITIES: A large portion of the troubles in correspondence emerge in light of the fact that a similar word or image implies various things to various people as per ones culture. Lets take the case of Shiny Abraham. An entertaining and pity thing happened to Shiny Abraham at the 1986 Asian Games at Seoul. Notwithstanding starting things out by an exceptionally wide edge in the 800 m. Race, she was excluded and lost her gold award for having crossed the track at where she ought not have gone. As indicated by her she mixed up the image, i.e., the shade of the banner. Though in our nation the warning shows peril, in South Korea white banner is utilized for a similar reason. Misconstruing the white banner which had been set up by then, she crossed the track at an inappropriate spot and endured a misfortune. Words, which are in all actuality images speaking to a thing, an activity or an inclination, can have a few implications. As clarified before, words which speak to solid things, e.g., vehicle or house, will in general be comprehended similarly, while conceptual words like legitimacy, adequacy or duty, will in general be deciphered by various people in various manners. Trouble in comprehension may emerge even on account of customary words which have diverse logical implications. Of late such troubles are being experienced progressively by individuals working in global improvement field. One such issue emerged in deciphering the importance of the word steps. In a preparation program of wellbeing laborers, identifying with the family wellbeing in Jamaica when an inquiry What are a portion of the means that a mother should take to ensure that her child keeps solid? was asked, it was discovered that there was no reaction to it. The students who were acclimated with just one significance of the word-steps dependent on their experience, couldn't simply comprehend the inquiry. Newness to WORDS: Semantic trouble may emerge due to newness to words. For instance, as a result of an expression of some unknown dialect of which the recipient has no information. A specialized word may not make such a difficult it might be past the capacity of the beneficiary to get it. So as to make it powerful, a correspondence must be articulated which are fitting to the earth and mental structure of the recipient. This guarantees the correspondence to be gotten a handle on appropriately and actualized viably. A fascinating case of a correspondence made compelling by the utilization of words proper to nature in which they were utilized is given by the accompanying occurrence that occurred in one of the horticultural conditions of the USA. A proposition for raising the pay rates of the employees of a farming school was being talked about. The ranchers alliance was absolutely against giving the raise to the school instructors they couldn't perceive any reason why they should pay those school educators $5000 every year only for talking 12 to 15 hours per week. Staff delegates made no progress in their dealings until one of them who made them ranch understanding, got an inspiration.Gentlemen, he told the individuals from the managerial body, a school instructor is similar to a bull. Its not the measure of time he spends. Its the significance of what he does! Non-verbal communication BEING INCONSISTENT: Semantic hindrance may additionally be made by non-verbal communication being conflicting with the verbal correspondence. An administrator who adulates the genuineness and earnestness of their subordinate in a mocking tone makes questions in the psyches of the subordinate with respect to the game-plan the person in question ought to embrace in a given circumstance in future. A similar sort of obstruction is made by a uniqueness between the verbal language and the activity language of the bosses. At the point when activity and language are utilized mutually the activities frequently have more remarkable effect on others activities than words do. An administration may, for instance, claim its confidence in being guided exclusively by the value of workers while making advancements. However on the off chance that workers see that in genuine practice advancements are made on contemplations other than merit, the administrations pronounced approach will undoubtedly be influenced by a semantic boundary it isn't probably going to impart anything, just the activities will convey and what they impart will be in opposition to what had been said in such a large number of words. Decision OF AMBIGUOUS WORDS TO CONVEY A MESSAGE: Semantic issues emerge because of the selection of words used to pass on a message. A specific word may have very surprising significance in various dialects. We state Dhanyavad which implies in Hindi Thank you, however a similar word in Guajarati implies congrats. Contrasts in foundation and experience represent contrasts in the implications appointed to specific words. Each language has its own structure and style. Semantic issues emerge when endeavors are caused to move the substance or to feel of an idea starting with one language then onto the next. Entertaining circumstances emerge because of this exertion. Now and again the significance is mutilated to such a degree, that there remains no hint of the first. During President Jimmy Carters visit to Poland, a sentence in his discourse, I have profound warmth for the Polish individuals, was some way or another converted into Polish as, I long for the Polish individuals. In another c ase, when a main shoe organization set up this trademark on the announcements, we will just sell you the correct shoe a gathering of underhanded young people asked the supervisor, where might they be able to go for the left shoe. Issues ARISING FROM REGIONAL ACCENTS: In a multi lingual country like India, a considerable lot of us communicate in more than one language. Be that as it may, the greater part of the occasions the impact of the native language is very conspicuous and the complement with which we communicate in different dialects makes intriguing (and in some cases genuine) obstructions to correspondence. The issue of territorial accents isn't just limited to Indian dialects. We, the individuals of India, treat ourselves as the legitimate inheritors of the English language. It is hard to state whether it is love, pride or preference, however we have such a great amount of English in our local dialects that a genuine look is fundamental at the manner in which we articulate English. The Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages arranged at Hyderabad has accomplished this work and discovered a considerable rundown of English word-matches the way to express which are fairly uninhibitedly traded for one another, despite the chaos in the implications it

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Innovative ways of recruiting and retaining tenants Research Proposal

Imaginative methods of selecting and holding inhabitants - Research Proposal Example Those occupants who are engaged with being worried on a character premise are increasingly expected to have a top notch relationship with their landowner, and be satisfied with their landowner have going before information on inhabitant cooperation. Proprietors and landowner operator throughout the years have depended on conventional motivating forces, for example, lease free periods, fitting out and premiums to select and hold inhabitants. Notwithstanding, during financial downturns and when there is over gracefully, in other to ensure incomes , landowners and their operators need to see past these conventional motivations  and receive new acts of selecting and holding the absolute best of inhabitants. This exploration study looks to research the creative methods of selecting and holding inhabitants. The consequences of this record investigation will be utilized to upgrade the workplaces being available to the occupants. The examination discoveries may likewise be utilized by inhabitant association to help for the privileges of occupants. Land rulers will utilize the discoveries to propel the measures of the workplaces they offer to occupants. Strategy creators will apply the discoveries of this examination to improve the working states of the laborers. Leasing business-related premises is a transnational with a characteristic affinity for long haul purchaser connections. This thought has a great deal to do with the explanation that the costs and dangers of revision are consistently significant and therefore organizations want to proceed in single spot for as broad as they can seen in Rasila and Nenonen, 2007 as refered to in((Rianne, 2006) ). This makes the district ideal for examining an extremely long shopper relationship. Five occupant proprietor connections have been dissected by to comprehend client relationship trademark in a watched setting. These levels are; Caring, Law and codes, Rules, Independence and Opportunism (Rianne, 2006). The main five huge sub factors distinguished by

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Lang Lang Concert

Lang Lang Concert Even though I had a lot of work due and one midterm last week, I still went to Krannert Center to watch a piano concert performed by famous Chinese pianist Lang Lang. It was a great experience, and I am really grateful that we have a place like Krannert Center, which can provide various performances and shows along the school year. The tickets were sold out extremely quickly online during the summer. I lost my internet connect at that time, so I could only watch those good positions going away for the first ten minutes. Luckily, I still got a seat on the main floor. Even before the performance started, there were many Chinese students willing to pay much higher than the original price to get a ticket. The experience during the concert was fantastic. I have to admit that before that day, I have only seen him in magazines or on TV. He looks great, and he really got the emotion inside the song and fully expressed them. He did not play those very famous songs, but none of them made us bored. Instead, everyone says it was great and he/she just became a fan of him. Many of my friends called the concert “impressive. It was very nice of him to re-entered the stage for four times for the audiences and signed many autographs for Chinese students. My friend told me that she was so proud when a lady said He is like a rock star in China!” after seeing so many students asking for his autograph after the performance. I am very proud of him, as well. He is still so young, energetic, and talented, just like what I have read ten years ago. Different from many other listeners, I basically grew up with his stories since I started to play the piano at a young age. His was literally an example of many young players at my age. It’s definite that he is very talented, and of course, extremely hardworking. I still remember reading an article about how he prepared for a piano competition in the summer when he was around 15 years old. The apartment was very old and had no air conditioner. In order to let him feel cooler during playing, his father continuously poured water on the floor. In order to achieve his global status today, Lang Lang had sacrificed a lot of his personal life and entertainments for sure. I probably would never be excellent as him, but his spirit has a unique mark on my memory. I also would like to thank Krannert Center for the Performing Arts  for giving us so many great opportunities to view those top pianists, orchestras, and shows on the stage at Illinois. The student ticket was as low as $10, but we had a priceless  experience. Connie Class of 2018 I am double majoring in Computer Engineering in the College of Engineering and Statistics in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. My hometown is a historical and peaceful city called Suzhou, located in southeastern China.

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Interpersonal Communication Is A Key Component Of Every...

As a conflict analysis and resolution major, I took this class because I wanted to learn why interpersonal communication is such a key component of every conflict. Although conflicts are placed into levels—international, community/organization, and interpersonal—all of the conflicts are ultimately between two parties with grievances. This class has not only taught me about interpersonal theories, but it also offered a great amount of self-reflection. After reviewing all of the topics we covered, I will reflect on the theories related to forming relationships, maintaining relationships, relational uncertainty in my own life. My military background contributes to how I form relationships. My survey results on â€Å"Interpersonal Skills Related to Forming and Developing Relationships† indicated that I score high in both relationship initiation and negative assertion, but I struggle the most with self-disclosure (Guerrero, Andersen, Afifi, 2014, p. 107-108). Individ uals who are skilled relationship initiation excel at approaching others and making a good first impression (Guerrero, Andersen, Afifi, 2014). After going to six different schools before I graduated from high school, I would say I make friends fairly easily. My problem with self-disclosure or revealing personal information about myself is that I often do so through negative assertion. Negative assertion is when people reveal the negative aspects of themselves often to navigate potential problems and save negativeShow MoreRelatedEffective Communication As A Health Care Professional1313 Words   |  6 PagesCommunication is about more than just exchanging information. It s about understanding the emotion and intentions behind the information. Effective communication is how you convey a message so that it is received and understood by someone in exactly the way you intended (L. Robinson, J. Segal, Ph. D., M. Smith. 2015). This paper looks at the requirements of effective communicati on as a health care professional and the essential concepts to have as a registered nurse. Effective communication assistsRead MoreImportance And Importance Of Communication1617 Words   |  7 Pagesor lifesaving care. Communication helps with managing differences in culture, in today’s world it is a necessity to learn to intercultural communicate. The world is shrinking daily and we live in a global village, I feel like in today’s society being up front with someone and asking questions about his or her culture can be the best way to learn. Asking questions before accidentally insulting someone is the key to a successful relationship. The history of communication can go back for quiteRead MoreThe Development Of Healthy Relationships Essay1197 Words   |  5 Pagesyou notice about a person and may lead to attraction based on specific characteristics. People desire different physical attributes in their ideal person. You may find those with blue eyes and brown hair to be particularly appealing, or you may not. Every person has different characteristics that they find especially appealing. As for similarity, we find those similar to us to be more attractive. Studies have even shown that we tend to prefer those that are just like us in characteristics (Rushton Read MoreCommunication Influences On Self Image Affect Interpersonal Communication876 Words   |  4 PagesThis paper explores how my intrapersonal communication impacts on self-image affect interpersonal communication. Erik Erikson, suggests that self-concept are defined as an individual’s conceptualization of his or her self (Potter Perry, 2009, p. 300). I use interpersonal skills every day to communicate and interact with my family, friends and relative. Communication influences intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships as well as the quality of lifetime of the individuals. People may recognizeRead MoreLeadership As A Team Success1506 Words   |  7 Pagestheories usually recognize certain personality or behavioral characteristics that ae shared by leaders. Conflicts in the relationship among leadership traits and leadership success ultimately led scholars to shift patterns in search of new information for successful leadership (Scientific Academic Publishing, 2014). Team members need skills, such as technical, interpersonal, interpersonal, and decision-making and problem solving need to be established. Attention should be given to members learningRead MoreThe Role Of Effective Communication And Interpersonal Interaction Within A Health And Social Care Context?1702 Words   |  7 PagesP1) Explain the role of effective communication and interpersonal interaction in a health and social care context? Communication is the process of exchanging information, thoughts and feelings between people, through speaking, writing or body language. Effective communication is about more than just exchanging information. This concept makes sure that the transmitted message is received and understood by the other person in the exact way it was intended. However the other person has to demonstrateRead MoreThe Importance Of Team Building A Team Based Environment Essay1609 Words   |  7 Pagesto enhance social relations and define roles within teams,which often involves collaborative tasks. It is very much distinct from team training, which is designed to improve efficiency, rather than interpersonal relations. Many team-building exercises are aimed to expose and address the interpersonal problems within the group.[1] These activities are intended to improve performance in a team-based environment.[2] The formal definition of team-building includes: †¢ aligning around the goals †¢ buildingRead MoreAn Effective Nurse Client Relationship Essay1144 Words   |  5 Pagesfactors are incorprated in the establishment of this relationship among these factors are positve regard,trust and interpersonal skills. â€Å"People will forget what you say to them.They will never forget how you made them feel† This direct quote from Maya Angelou backs up the thesis that in order to establish an effective nurse-client relationship as a nurse you must display effective interpersonal skills.Interpersonal skills are vital life skills and when used by nurses help display an ability to communicateRead MoreFactors That Affect The Total Variance950 Words   |  4 Pagesdividing the magnitude of Eigenvalue for a certain factor by the sum of Eigenvalues. This is useful to narrow down the number of variable (which are causes of delay in construction) for the analysis. The results of calculating the Eigenvalue for each component is shown in Figure 1. This resulting plot is known as ‘scree plot’. Factor Extraction As mentioned before, factor analysis is based on the theory that there is /are underlying common factor(s) a model which is based on the ‘common factor model’Read MoreThe Importance Of Communication And A Sports Coach1719 Words   |  7 PagesIn the topic of communication and care, one will be the discussing the importance of having interpersonal skills and written communication in sports coaching. This essay will also include the variety of skills a coach will need to progress in their line of business. In this essay, we will also be reviewing the positives and negatives of these forms of communication and how they can affect the job as a sports coach. Most say that communication is key to success in both the sports and business society

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Stereotypes of Italian Americans in Film and Television

Italian Americans  may be European in ancestry, but they were not always treated as white in the United States, as the pervasive stereotypes about them demonstrate. Not only did Italian immigrants to America face employment discrimination in their adopted homeland, but they also faced violence by whites who viewed them as â€Å"different.† Because of their once marginalized status in this country, ethnic stereotypes of Italians persist in film and television. On the big and small screen, alike, Italian Americans are all too often portrayed as mobsters, thugs and peasants hawking spaghetti sauce. While Italian Americans have made great strides in U.S. society, their characterization in popular culture remains stereotypical and troublesome. Mobsters Fewer than .0025 percent of Italian Americans are involved in organized crime, according to the  Italian American News website. But one would be hard-pressed to know that from watching Hollywood television shows and movies, where just about every Italian family has mob ties. In addition to films such as â€Å"The Godfather,† â€Å"Goodfellas,† â€Å"Casino† and â€Å"Donnie Brasco,† television shows such as  Ã¢â‚¬Å"The Sopranos,† â€Å"Growing Up Gotti† and â€Å"Mob Wives† have perpetuated the idea that Italian Americans and organized crime go hand-in-hand. While many of these films and shows  have won critical praise, they do little to complicate the image Italian Americans have in popular culture. Food-Making  Peasants Italian cuisine is among the most popular in the United States. Accordingly, a number of television commercials depict Italians and Italian  Americans flipping pizzas, stirring tomato sauce and squashing grapes. In many of these commercials, Italian Americans are portrayed as heavily accented, robust peasants. The Italian American News website describes how a Ragu commercial features â€Å"several elderly, overweight Italian American women in housedresses [who] are so delighted with Ragu’s meat sauce that they turn somersaults and play leapfrog in a meadow.† An undue amount of food ads portray Italian women as â€Å"elderly, overweight housewives and grandmothers wearing black dresses, housecoats or aprons,† the site reports. â€Å"Jersey Shore† When MTV reality series â€Å"Jersey Shore† debuted, it became a pop culture sensation. Viewers of all ages and ethnic backgrounds faithfully tuned in to watch the group of mostly Italian American friends hit the bar scene, work out at the gym, tan and do laundry. But  prominent Italian-Americans protested  that the bouffant-haired stars of the show—self-described Guidos and Guidettes—were spreading  negative stereotypes about Italians. Joy Behar,  co-host of ABC’s â€Å"The View,† said that â€Å"Jersey Shore† did not represent her culture. â€Å"I do have a master’s degree, so a person like me is rather annoyed with a show like that because I went to college, you know, to better myself, and then these idiots come out and make Italians look bad,† she said. â€Å"It’s awful. They should go to Firenze and Rome and Milano and see what Italians really did in this world. It’s irritating.† Bigoted Thugs Anyone familiar with Spike Lee’s films knows that he has persistently depicted Italian Americans as dangerous, racist thugs from New York City’s working class. Italian Americans such as these can be found in a number of Spike Lee films, most notably â€Å"Jungle Fever,† â€Å"Do The Right Thing† and â€Å"Summer of Sam.† When Lee criticized Django Unchained  director Quentin Tarantino for turning slavery into a spaghetti Western,  Italian groups called him a hypocrite because of the thread of anti-Italian bias that runs through his films, they said. â€Å"When it comes to Italian Americans, Spike Lee has never done the right thing,† said Andre DiMino, president of the Italian American One Voice Coalition. â€Å"One wonders if Spike Lee is indeed a racist who hates Italians and why he harbors a grudge.† One Voice voted Lee into its Hall of Shame because of his portrayals of Italian Americans. In particular, the group criticized â€Å"Summer of Sam† because the movie â€Å"descends into a panoply of negative character portrayals, with Italian Americans as mobsters, drug dealers, drug addicts, racists, deviants, buffoons, bimbos, and sex-crazed fiends.†

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Music Is a Kind of Mathematics Free Essays

â€Å"Music is a kind of Mathematics†. â€Å"Mathematics are a measure of beauty even when man is a measure of beauty†. I heard the professor saying these two sentences in class and it hit me hard. We will write a custom essay sample on Music Is a Kind of Mathematics or any similar topic only for you Order Now I remembered the teachers in lower classes telling us that Mathematics are the key for everything in life and we didn’t believe them, protesting that â€Å"Art†, for example, has nothing to do with Mathematics. Apparently, they were right. But how come do Mathematics seem to be considered as a measure of beauty? Many philosophers have said and written about art’s beauty and aesthetics, and it always included some kind of Mathematics in it. In 1150 AD, Acharya Hemachandra wrote about, what’s now called Fibonacci Numbers (In Mathematics, Fibonacci numbers are specialized that the last number is the sum of the two previous ones, such as the following: 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144,233,377,610†¦), in poetry lines, 70 years before Fibonacci published his own experiment in his first edition of Liber Abaci. In addition, Pingala seemed to have used them in 200 BC, by considering poetry patterns divided to two lengths of syllables; long and short. In 1, 2 and 3 syllables there’s always matching ways to put them. But when it comes to 4 syllables there’s 5 ways, just like for 5 syllables there’s 8 ways and so it goes. And that’s what’s special and beautiful about poetry and more precisely rhythm. The Fibonacci numbers were also utilized by many arrangers when composing music, and many poets say that the Golden Ratio goes back to the time of the middle ages. The researches show that Stradivari knew about and utilized the Golden Ratio to put the f-holes in his famous violins. And then there’s Baginsky’s strategy for constructing violins which is in light of the Golden Section. Music made by Mozart, Bach and Beethoven seem to be based on the Golden Section too. Maybe this is the reason why their music is beautiful. Books about oil painting in all libraries will probably call attention to that it is better to use lines that divide the picture to thirds and to position objects on one of the sides or â€Å"around 33%† of the way across rather than in the middle of the picture. This appears to upgrade the photo to make it more satisfying to the eye and this idea depends again on the Golden Ratio being â€Å"perfect†, leaving behind what’s called a beautiful masterpiece painting. Moreover, physical attraction relies upon proportions, and specifically symmetry. When someone else’s body is in proportions and symmetrical, it’s more likely for us to find it more attractive and beautiful. In the same manner, if a face is proportionate, we will probably notice it quickly and think that it’s beautiful and perfect. Leonardo da Vinci’s illustrations of the human body accentuated its ratio. Essentially, it is trusted that buildings might be more appealing to a number of people if the proportions used are based on the Golden Section. Therefore, the Golden Ration is taught to architecture students rather than civil engineering students, because architecture is more related to aesthetics which is globally based on Mathematics. For instance, Vitruvius had explained many artistic and architectural things based on proportions, and those are based on Mathematics: -Natural colors, which are found in specific places, and artificial colors that are combined in proper proportions.-â€Å"It is thought that the columns of basilicas ought to be as high as the side-aisles are broad; an aisle should be limited to one third of the breadth which the open space in the middle is to have. â€Å"(Vitruvius, The ten books on Architecture, Book V, p.132) Sizes, in this case, are also proportionate, which increases its beauty as much as it assures its stability. The Golden Section, widely the Fibonacci sequence, also happen in nature, in the patterns we sometimes find in pine cones, pineapples, artichokes, petals of flowers, the leaves of the plants†¦ Generally, because of the best approaches to efficiently pack things firmly together, using the Fibonacci sequence. (The plant needs to get sunshine on all its leaves without one getting in the way of another or else it would be bad for it, that’s what it does without special intervention, as the plant doesn’t do Mathematics, scientists considered the idea of the Golden Section as its natural growth.) And since God has created everything, some researchers and scientists tend to say that God is the greatest Mathematician such as the following list and many others:-Galileo Galilei who confirmed: â€Å"Mathematics is the language with which God has written the universe.†-That in addition the Euclid: â€Å"The laws of nature are but the Mathematical thoughts of God. â€Å"-And Paul Dirac said: â€Å"If there is a God, he’s a great mathematician. God used beautiful mathematics in creating the world. â€Å"-To end this here’s what Maulana Wahiduddin Khan believed: â€Å"The truth is that God is the greatest Mathematician, the greatest artist and the greatest genius.† Just like some people consider that beauty is based on Mathematics, â€Å"all mathematicians share a sense of amazement over the infinite depth and the mysterious beauty and usefulness of Mathematics† (Martin Gardner), in addition to other people who consider Mathematics as the queen of science (or not even a science, just a beautiful thing). They say that Mathematics is the only place where truth and beauty mean the same thing. And from their point of view, if it is correctly used, it has truth as well as preeminent aesthetics. And when someone asked him why he considered numbers beautiful, Paul Erdà ¶s said: â€Å"It’s like asking why is Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony beautiful. If you don’t see why, someone can’t tell you. I know numbers are beautiful. If they aren’t beautiful, nothing is†? How to cite Music Is a Kind of Mathematics, Papers

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Tech changes education system free essay sample

Teaching and learning process will change significantly due to the technological innovations in daily education activities. Learning platforms, software tools developed to support the different stages of education, personal devices like PC tablets and e-book readers and displaying devices like interactive web boards will have an impact on how educators plan programmes and how students receive information. 1)Positive Effects of Technology on Education Talking in a positive sense, the impact of technology on education has been phenomenal. Using Internet and computers as en effective medium to establish communication between schools, teachers, students and parents; educational institutes have been able to handle many issues that were previously not handled with ease due to geographical limitations or lack of adequate training technologies. 2)Enhanced Teaching and Learning Technological developments like digital cameras, projectors, mind training software, computers, PowerPoint presentations, 3D visualization tools; all these have become great sources for teachers to help students grasp a concept easily. It has to be understood that visual explanation of concepts makes learning fun and enjoyable for students. Theyre able to participate more in the classroom and even teachers get a chance to make their classes more interactive and interesting. The importance of technology in schools can be understood from the fact that it empowers the educational system and produces better students. 3)No Geographical Limitations With the introduction of online degree programs there is hardly any need of being present physically in the classroom. Even several foreign universities have started industry oriented online degree courses that aspirants can join. Distance learning and online education have become an integral part of the education system nowadays. Certainly, the value of off-campus education may never be equal to that of on-campus training but for diploma and other courses, when the student is thousands of mile away from the educational institute, these online courses can be of great advantage. Negative effects 1)Poor Teacher Student Relationship any teachers have a common complaint that negative habits of students are more exacerbated due to the use of technology. In countries like the US, where assignments and homework are required to be submitted online, students tend to forget common email etiquette like salutation and sometimes, even adding texts in the attachments! Moreover, the trend of last day submissions has now transformed into last hour, last minute submissions. Students submit their assignments even hours after the time for submission is over and their emails dont contain any explanation or a note of apology. Moreover, questions, queries and problems regarding any topic in assignments that should reach to the teacher within 24 hours of submission of the homework, remain due for days. Not many students are even bothered to get their queries cleared. Those few who raise questions want them to be answered online which is not always possible, as teacher student interaction is something that is vital to understand intricate topics. The trend of blackboards wherein, teachers post online notes, lectures, assignments and other information has cultivated the habit of skipping college lectures amongst students. The belief that Google is always there, has made students disorganized and impatient. They just want to copy and paste the information, so that they can finish the assignment. Going to the college library, searching for information from books or even online library facilities seems to be a daunting task for students. Teachers have expressed concern that not many students are productively utilizing technology for their growth. Teachers are also concerned about the fact that students dont fix appointments with them to seek answers to queries or to know something more about the subject. 2)Lack of Focus SMS or text messaging has become a favorite pastime of many students. Students are seen playing with their cell phone, iPhones day and night, right from crossing a street, or driving and very often even between lectures. Being ever-connected to the online world has resulted in lack of focus and concentration in academics and to some extent, even in sports and extra curricular activities. It is certainly not possible to read a difficult subject and at the same time, chat with a friend, and remain logged in on facebook. These are very obvious distractions that have eroded the sense of mental focus, peace and concentration ability from students life. Video gaming for instance has become the greatest distraction for students. Teenagers are easily influenced by any new gadget and technology being introduced in the market and this has also made them splurge unnecessarily. 3)Poor Reading and Writing Skills Reading seems to be a lost hobby in this age. While there is a plentiful of information in the form of free ebooks available on the Internet, anybody who likes reading will agree that reading a book online and reading a printed form of book certainly has some prominent differences. Even if students were reading books online, it would have been fair but the fact is that owing to bombardment of information, the moment a teenager opens a website, he is lost elsewhere, either searching for new games or opening his or her facebook profile. Since assignments are mostly done online, hand writing skills of students have become pathetic. It is understandable that in this age of computers, there is hardly any requirement of hand writing skills but still, a good hand writing is an integral part of learning. It improves our eye to hand coordination, makes us more focused and gives us an opportunity to express ourselves, more profoundly. Writing skills also convey deeper aspects about our personality like our organizational abilities and ability to express our ideas in a refined manner. Certainly, typing on a keyboard doesnt impair creativity in writing (in fact they are useful, as using a backspace, one can easily change previous sentences). Nevertheless, hand writing skills are certainly an integral part of good education. Since technology has both positive and negative dimensions, we must make efforts to help students and kids realize the potential in the proper use of technology. Since kids always love freedom, respective authorities must ensure that they are not overdosing students with strict rules and regulations regarding using technologies in schools and colleges. But, certain rules are essential to avoid overuse of technology in education. That will ensure that technology is used for improving a students life and not wasting valuable resources like time and money.